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Outdoor Playhouse, Wooden Playhouse, Kids Outdoor Playhouse

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Children require Love, Fun, Exercise, Friends, Adventure and Discovering who they are.

Outdoor Playhouses
A kids playhouse or wooden playhouse can take the form of an outdoor clubhouse or simply an outdoor playhouse that will keep your children occupied during these long summer months. They tend to need little maintenance and a lick of paint once a year will keep it looking fresh and habitable.
Children have a lot of energy to expend, and also very inquiring minds, and leaving them to find their own outdoor amusement can be very dangerous. If you try to entertain them yourself you will likely get exhausted, and struggle with all the other stuff you have to do around the home. It is too expensive to take them out every day, and you need an alternative to them getting up to mischief in the garden.
Day care is the only realistic option that parents have these days for their child’s interests, and while commercial playgrounds, day care and kinders generally have the children’s needs in mind, they cannot offer the degree of outdoor exercise that a developing child needs. A kids playhouse or wooden playhouse is the ideal answer.
You can situate outdoor playhouses in your garden by itself, or even better, construct your own children's playground in your backyard, with swings, slides and the kids playhouse, either in the form of a small house filled with toys or as a small outdoor clubhouse. Make sure it is big enough for their friends, with a table, some seats and even beanbags they can lie around on. A door, windows and waterproof roof are musts.
Your child that hates school homework will suddenly find that school work is fabulous when carried out in their own outdoor playhouse, sitting on their own wooden chair at their own table. As soon as they get home from school they will be demanding to get out into their kid's playhouse to get on with their school work.

The play house will be whatever they want it to be. At one moment it is a dungeon or dragon's castle, at the next a saloon for a shoot-out with the sheriff's men - after it has been a schoolroom, that is, and their homework is finished. Not only are they being kept occupied, but they are getting the exercise needed for their physical development, the school work for their mental development and they are doing all of this in as safe an environment as you can offer them.

Where to Put Outdoor Playhouses
Generally, anywhere in your garden or backyard will do, but if you site it so that it is line with your own house then your children will take it as an extension of that rather than as a toy. Alternatively, you could ask them where they prefer it be and then you will get no complaints. You normally don't need planning permission or a building permit for a wooden playhouse or structure of less than 110 sq.ft. but check with your local office to make sure. If a permit is required it won't generally be a problem if you go through the correct channels.

The Aesthetic Décor Of Outdoor Playhouses

It is possible to find a small outdoor clubhouse that is similar in design to your own home, and you can paint it in the same colors. However, that's not often necessary and your children might prefer something unique. Distinctive playhouses are available with a number of different designs of doors and windows, and although wooden playhouses are generally best, they also come in plastic.

A wooden playhouse is easier to maintain and paint, and it is easier to repair wood than broken plastic. However, whatever design or décor you use, your child will love his or her kids playhouse, and it will not only give you peace of mind that they are safe when they are playing outside in the yard, but it will also help them to develop as they should - and don't forget the homework situation. With their own premises, they will love it.

The Educational Benefits of an Kids Wooden Playhouse

Among the many benefits of an outdoor kids playhouse, that which many parents fail to appreciate is connected to their education. In fact, the educational benefits of an outdoor kids playhouse are possibly more important than the social benefits and those connected with their physical development.
Most children would rather play than do schoolwork, particularly the younger children. To take that further, even more would rather play in an outdoor playhouse than do their homework, and you might even hesitate installing an outdoor wooden playhouse for your child just for that reason. However, are you sure you know your kids well enough to make that assumption?

The Outdoor Playhouse Learning Environment

In fact, if you did build or purchase a kids playhouse or wooden playhouse in your backyard, and furnished it with some chairs and table, you might be pleasantly surprised. Your children love being outdoors, and paradoxically probably love even more being inside their own outdoor playhouse. Even though they are inside a wooden playhouse they still look upon it as being outside, if you get the drift, and so how do you think they would react to doing their homework in an environment they love without the stress of being inside when their friends are outside playing?

Statistics show that they will love it. Your kids will love doing their homework in their own kids school playhouse, and might even play at one being the teacher and the others the pupils while do their homework. Once the schoolwork is over, the wooden playhouse turns into a castle, a dolls house or a witchs house. However, the important factor is that for the time needed, it was their own schoolroom and their homework got done. Not rushed, but completed properly.

The school has been taken out of their schooling, so it is a unique way of them doing their homework. They can do it at their own table and chair, they can use the playhouse loft area or even lie on a beanbag by an open window. They can use their imagination as they do in their play, because in a certain way, doing homework in their outdoor playhouse is a form of play.

A Rewarding Experience

You can design a form of rewarding your son or daughter, such as each homework hour could be rewarded with an extra hour playing in the kids playhouse. Or perhaps two hours of play for each hour of homework? Maybe they can save up the hours earned for a whole day in their outdoor playhouse some weekend. That is one way of teaching your child time management and responsibility.

Nevertheless, even if you dont apply any reward scheme, your children will love using a kid's playhouse for their homework. It appears so adult to them, doing their own work in their own small house just like mummy and daddy do, and a kids playhouse or, wooden playhouse can provide you with many benefits connected with your childrens development.

Apart from the social benefits in learning how to get along with other children and share tasks, there are the educational benefits. These are not just connected with the fact that the homework actually gets done properly, and not rushed just before teatime or bedtime.

An appreciation of how to use their time properly is a definite benefit, and so is the concept of work bringing rewards. These concepts will help throughout their entire time in education, from junior school, through high school to university or college. If your children can develop from an early age the concepts of the importance of focusing their study during quiet time and of the rewards that such study bring, then they will be a good foundation for their future, and you will have done well as a parent.

It is amazing how varied the benefits of outdoor playhouses or a kids playhouse can be, and by installing a wooden playhouse in your backyard you will not only make your kids love you for it, but will also be laying the foundation for a sound academic future.

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