Is A Building Permit Required For A Kids Outdoor Playhouse

Is A Building Permit Required For An Outdoor Playhouse

We as consumers of Wooden Outdoor Playhouses should always be informed to what our by-laws are in our area, and what the parameters are for your kid’s playhouse. Otherwise we could be faced with more expenses then expected. This article touches on playhouse permit topic and talks about the author briefly.

Most jurisdictions don't require you to have a building permit for a kid’s playhouse as long as the building is around 110sqft or less. I would still recommend you contact your local office and check to see what the legal limits are for your area (zoning / permits). In Canada check your local municipality office, they will guide you through everything, just remember all information about your proposed playhouse. This is why in the earlier article; I said that it is important to plan where you want to put the outside playhouse. Never listen to anyone that says it doesn't matter where you put it because months down the road you will be wishing I should have put here! You can move after but why the headache. In most cases obtaining a permit is very simple.

Squaring Your Kids Playhouse For The Do-It-Yourself-er

Use The 3-4-5 Triangulation Method
Now measure along the line 3 feet from the first stake A, and mark the string at this point. From stake A, run a second line perpendicular to the first. Measure out 4 feet to locate point C. If this second line is exactly at a right angle to the first, the diagonal line between A & C will be 5 feet. If not, move point C left or right until the diagonal measures 5 feet and stake that point.

Authors Brief

My name is Gary Whipple I have about 16 years in residential carpentry experience, with about 4 years in home renovations. I had a forest accident a few years ago in which my knee was badly damaged and limited my physical work to part-time. After this I pursued a post secondary education in Structural drafting and design (Auto Cad) this enhanced my experiences as a carpenter and design experience. I free lance draft and design now. I draw or build anything from a houses, barns to a playhouses. I also write articles as a hobby.
I am familiar with some of the software out there, and there is a lot of it. I like to use this software to design my own projects with my family, which there is nothing in the world more gratifying, You don't have to be good at using computers. If you have the right software it makes it very easy for everybody to use, so don't get hung up on that please don't! Just worry about making it a family project.

I hope you build a wooden playhouse because I enjoyed building a one with my children very much. With a small job like this you will see the rewards quickly.

To sum up the true importance is to make a "kids outdoor playhouse" a family project, because the kid(s) will take personal pride in it; especially if they know they contributed to the construction of it. They will learn a thing or two from the kids playhouse project as well, and its good quality time spent with the kid(s). They will remember it for the rest of their lives and take refuge every time life throws them a curve ball.